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Say goodbye to chilly nights

When the temperatures drop, and your heating system falters, don't endure the discomfort. Our prompt heating repair services are designed to address issues swiftly, preventing your space from becoming uncomfortably cold. Our team is dedicated to helping Middlesex County homeowners and understands the urgency of keeping your heat working. Contact us at the first sign of trouble, and we'll repair and restore your heat pump or furnace.

Furnace repair in basement

Do you need a heating repair?

Aside from an obvious loss of heat, your system may be trying to give you hints. Unfamiliar noises, smells, and sounds are all reasons to give us a call. 

Check your air filter

If you notice reduced warmth throughout your home despite the furnace running, a dirty air filter may be the culprit. Something as simple as a regular filter replacement can make all the difference. A dirty filter forces the furnace to work harder, leading to inefficient heating. 

Gas furnace repair

We highly recommend our multi-point inspection for your gas furnace due to safety. All repairs will start with our inspection. The ignition system undergoes thorough checks to ensure consistent and secure functionality. Monitoring gas pressure ensures efficient fuel usage while inspecting and cleaning the flame sensor prevents ignition problems. Additionally, exhaust vent examination plays a pivotal role in safety. We check for leaks and repair promptly if found. 

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