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Upgrade your heating system with our cutting-edge furnace systems

Are you frustrated with a malfunctioning furnace that’s doing a poor job of keeping things warm? When it's time for a gas furnace replacement, take comfort in knowing that at Elemental Heating & Cooling LLC, you’ll receive competitive prices and swift service. We specialize in installing a wide range of major brands.

New gas furnace heating unit in basement of home

Gas furnace repair and installation

Consistent gas furnace inspections and maintenance play a crucial role in identifying possible safety risks like gas leaks or flawed electrical connections, and safeguarding your home.

Electric furnace installation and repair

From initial wiring to troubleshooting, our team ensures seamless electric furnace installation and effective HVAC repair solutions.

High-efficiency furnace options

We offer cutting-edge solutions that prioritize both performance and savings. Gone are the days of clunky, energy-consuming furnaces. Modern electric furnaces offer superior performance, energy efficiency, and reduced carbon footprint. Several high-efficiency furnace options are available, including condensing furnaces, modulating furnaces, and variable-speed furnaces, each designed to optimize heating performance while minimizing energy consumption.

Hybrid electric heating systems

These systems combine an electric furnace with a heat pump, providing both heating and cooling capabilities. This makes them versatile options for homeowners looking for year-round comfort. 

Smart technology

Smart thermostats have revolutionized how we control our HVAC systems, allowing us to optimize comfort levels. Our knowledge of digital controls and connected devices keeps your systems in top shape.

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