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Our primary services include the installation of furnace systems, mini-splits, heat pumps, air handlers, boilers, and central AC. These include natural gas, propane, and electric systems. Additionally, we provide plan maintenance plans and preventive maintenance services for your HVAC installations.

New HVAC installation

Choosing your new HVAC system

When selecting your new HVAC system, consider various options that align with your comfort needs and energy efficiency goals. 

Mini-split systems are ductless systems, and unlike traditional HVAC systems that rely on air ducts, mini-splits are individual units placed throughout your home to provide zonal control, meaning you can set different temperatures for different zones or rooms in your home.

Want forced hot air? Heat pumps are a popular eco-friendly choice, boilers excel in delivering consistent radiant heat, while high-efficiency furnaces offer powerful heating performance. 

Or how about a dual system with a heat pump and furnace combo? For this pair, the heat pump will run primarily until the outdoor temps drop too low for the heat pump to run efficiently and the furnace kicks in. 

With so many options, you need an HVAC company that’s willing to take the time to answer your questions. And that’s us.

Trusted brands

We install trusted brands in the industry including Mitsubishi Electric, Bosch, Carrier, Google Nest, eco bee, AprilAire, and more. Each system has unique benefits, and our experts can guide you in making the best decision for your home's specific requirements, ensuring year-round comfort and cost-effective operation.

Is your Westford home ready for a heating and AC installation upgrade?

Modern systems are designed with advanced features such as variable-speed motors and smart thermostats that optimize temperature regulation while using minimal power. Our aim at Elemental Heating & Cooling LLC is to guarantee that regardless of your selection, your new HVAC system maintains low energy expenses, ensures cozy temperatures, and delivers the best performance. 

How about an intelligent thermostat upgrade?

The modern thermostats we install come with advanced features that allow for precise temperature adjustments and even remote access. Imagine being able to adjust your heating or cooling settings from the comfort of your bed or while you're away on vacation.

Don’t forget about your ductwork

Ductwork installation and modification are sometimes necessary with your new heating or AC installation. This ensures adequate airflow and design for optimal performance. 

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